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Please note that only the exceptions from the rules according to MSA/WOMSA are noted.

If not mentioned the MSA/WOMSA rules will be applicable.

In interpreting regulations and specifications “what is not specifically permitted is disallowed”. You may only do something if the rules say you may.

Visiting drivers – race within CHD rules for points & trophy if the car adhere to the club rules.

CHD club drivers will be re-scored after the event to exclude the visiting drivers from the club points. E.g. Visiting driver won race 1 and CHD driver was 2nd. With the re-scoring the CHD driver that came 2nd will be re-scored to 1st.


1. This class will compete anti-clockwise on tar.

2. Competitor age restriction: Only competitors of 16 Years and older is permitted to enter into this class.

3. The rule of what is not specifically allowed is not permitted, applies.



There is a vast difference between being found to have contravened technicl regulations and deliberately planning to be outside the regulations and taking premeditated steps to disguise these irregularities. A good example of cheating is where an electronic control unit on a vehicle opened and altered internally, contrary to reulations or where another control unit is wiredinto the harness and hidden.

Where technical consultants believe that the line between being illegal and cheating has been crossed, they shall report this to the race officials, having excluded the competitor from the results. A competitor found guilty of cheating shall be banned from racing for 6 months without the option of having the ban suspended.


1. Any car or bakkie body that came out with a 6 cylinder engine will be permitted. Left Hand Drive vehicles will not be allowed.

2. The make of engine and the make of car must be the same.

3. Only original road going vehicles will be allowed – Only front fenders, bonnets, boot lids, bumpers and doors may be replaced with fibre glass panels.



1. Non-contact racing

2. All vehicles will comply with safety and construction rules as prescribed in MSA GCR’s

3. Sump, gearbox and diff plugs are to be wired and all vehicles will have a drip tray fitted underneath the engine.

4. Wheel / Body protectors may be fitted. Only a single pipe (38×2) or steal plate (max 2mm) on sill height will be allowed with a maximum of 3 mounting points. The wheel / Body protectors may not protrude the wheels.

5. All cars need to adhear to safety regulations. If not, car will not be allowed to race. No exceptions.



1. Only factory fitted brakes will be permitted. No aftermarket master cylinders allowed.

2. A brake bias/tap may be fitted to the brake lines going to the rear wheels.

3. No ABS are allowed.



1. Rear wheel and Front wheel drive cars will be permitted.

2. Front wheel drive cars my not be converted to rear wheel drive.

3. No 4×4 or all wheel drive cars allowed.

4. All four wheels of the vehicle must fit within the body of the vehicle, which in turn must comply with the general dimensions of the vehicle.

5. Firewall may not be altered.

6. Radiators must be on its original position.



1. Any 6 cylinder engine will be permitted.

2. A maximum engine output of 150Kw on the flywheel is allowed on all engines and can be tested at any time.

3. Branches allowed on all engines.

4. Racing or pump fuel allowed – no Methanol or Ethanol may be used.

5. Only a standard after-market management system may be used on all engines. Engine management must only be able to load one map.

6. 100% Full throttle operation.



1. Shocks can be interchanged as long as it is a shock that was originally fitted to a commercially sold vehicle. The original mounting points on shock, vehicle body and suspension component to stay standard.

2. Suspension components may not be interchanged – e.g. 3 series BMW parts may not be fitted to 5 series BMW, etc.

3. The lowering of the car is permitted, but no after market lowering kits allowed.

4. No adjustable suspensions will be allowed. Only front ajustable coil-overs will be allowed. Standard shocks to be used.

5. The Wheelbase of the vehicle may not vary more than 30mm from left to right.

6. Maximum camber allowed on front wheels = 4 degrees.



1. Only standard gearboxes may be used. Fabricate with fabricate.

2. Differentials may be locked, but no limited slip diffs or lockers allowed.

3. Diff ratios are free



1. Only the Dunlop 7000* will be allowed.

2. Tyres allowed: Maximum 15” x 205. Rims refer to CR 4.3 (may not be wider than the contact surface of the tyre).


3. All tyres must be presented and marked at scrutineering.

4. Maximum of 8 tyres per season allowed.


1. Wings are permitted, but height may not obscure rearward vision.

2. Wings are not allowed to be wider than the width of the vehicle.

3. Wings may only be mounted on the boot lid.

4. Wings may be of the “NASCAR” lid type or a boot spoiler or a wing.

5. Wing side plates may not exceed 250mm x 250mm.

6. Wing centre piece may not exceed 250mm in width.



1. A minimum weight of 1100kg for vehicles – driver included.

2. Cars can be weighed at any time.



1. The committee or the technical rep are responsible for pulling of cars for checking – no driver can protest against another driver’s car.

2. The dyno can/will be run at any give time – irrespective of weather conditions.

3. The parc ferme area will be on the center of the circuit.

4. Penalties to be imposed: On 1st offence – lose total points accrued up to date. 2nd offence – lose total points accrued and pay R1 000.00 fine to club. Driver will not be allowed to take part in any oval track racing under an “A” number at CHD or any club until the fine has been paid. Driver will not be allowed to change clubs while fine is still outstanding. 3rd offence to be decided by Committee.



At least 6 cars are required at event to qualify for club championship points, however should not more than 40% of the events in the season have less than 6 cars entered, those events will still count as long as there is an average entry of at least 6 cars throughout the season.

In the event that this does not occur, the event with the fewest entries will be removed from the seasons scoring, and the average entries recalculated to try and obtain the average of more than 6 entries for season.

Should there still be an average of less than six cars for the season the class will not qualify for club championships status.

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