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CHD V8 CLUB CLASS RULES 2016/2017 (Version: Web1)
Please note that only the exceptions from the rules according to MSA are noted.
If not mentioned the MSA rules will be applicable.
In interpreting regulations and specifications “what is not specifically permitted is disallowed”. You may only do something if the rules say you may.
Visiting drivers – race within CHD rules for points & trophy if the car adhere to the club rules.
CHD club drivers will be re-scored after the event to exclude the visiting drivers from the club points. E.g. Visiting driver won race 1 and CHD driver was 2nd. With the re-scoring the CHD driver that came 2nd will be re-scored to 1st.
Any type of shock (no external adjustment)
All cars entered in V8 class must weigh a minimum of 1050kg with driver.
1. Up to 6 pod calipers in front
2. Up to 4 pod calipers at the back
1. Bodywork shall comply with CR38 to CR40. The silhouette of the vehicle must be the same as the road going vehicle. The body may be broadened to accommodate big sascar type wheels
2. The rear panel may be open.
1. Hoosier 27-11-15 (Bought from CHD), but it will be phased out. Maximum 5 new bought from CHD
2. Continental 190-15. Maximum 8 new for season.
3. Damaged tyres must be produced to the scruteneer on the race day the tyre got damaged.
1. Refer CR4. Rim may not be wider than driving surface of tyre. Max 12” for Hooziers.
2. Maximum width of tyre outside body 30mm
1. All cars need to adhear to safety regulations. If not, car will not be allowed to race. No exceptions.
2. Sump, gearbox and diff plug are to be wired and all vehicles will have a drip tray fitted underneath the engine.
At least 6 cars are required at event to qualify for club championship points, however should not more than 40% of the events in the season have less than 6 cars entered, those events will still count as long as there is an average entry of at least 6 cars throughout the season.
In the event that this does not occur, the event with the fewest entries will be removed from the seasons scoring, and the average entries recalculated to try and obtain the average of more than 6 entries for season.
Should there still be an average of less than six cars for the season the class will not qualify for club championships status.
The committee or the technical rep are responsible for pulling of cars for checking – no driver can protest against another driver’s car.

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